Vision 2020

Our Vision:

A city church at the heart of local communities

Our Purpose Statement (what our church is):

Christ Central Manchester exists to worship God, enjoy his presence in all of life, sharing that with others as we serve our city and resource churches worldwide

Our Values (characteristics):

As a community that seeks to follow Jesus, honour the Bible, and be led by the Holy Spirit, Christ Central is hallmarked by being:

Compassionate - Expressing mercy through social engagement, reflecting God’s heart for the vulnerable.

Dependent - Expecting great things from God.

Confident - Attempting great things for God.

Equipped - Developing maturity through teaching, discipling and sharing life.

Authentic - Seeking openness and integrity in all we do.

Relational -  Supporting each other and enjoying time together.

Creative - Expressing God-given innovation and imagination in everything.

Diverse - Loving the unity of different nations, backgrounds and generations coming together.

Accepting - Welcoming everyone with generosity and hospitality; being open hearted and inclusive.

Our Objectives:

Life in the Spirit:

Everyday healing and salvation stories. Over 1000 people hearing the gospel.


We are looking to grow to a church of 300 adults, with at least 50 of those new people saved and added to us as new Christians.


Four local hubs, Wilmslow, Salford, Manchester City Centre, South Manchester - facilitating community, discipleship, prayer and outreach on a local level and provide the foundation for three or four Sunday meetings across the City by 2020.

Social Action:

Each local hub to be engaging with their local community through social action, sharing God's love with others and supporting those in need.

Resourcing churches:

We are seeking to invest in other churches in order to build God's kingdom worldwide: 

  • 10% “tithe” of our income going to support ChristCentral Churches
  • Resourcing other churches in the North West, UK and overseas
  • Increased connection to Zambia
  • Increased individual support for child sponsorship in Zambia by 100%
  • Having sent 10+ members on a Go Zambia team over the 5 years
  • 120 to Devoted
  • Sponsoring leaders on Zambian leadership program


During this four year period there is a need to build capacity by equipping and releasing leaders into all areas of church life but with a driving need of expertise and capacity in the following areas:

  • Future elders and paid staff
  • Ministry team leaders (a wider leadership team that carries weight and expertise)
  • Leadership teams for community groups and hubs
  • Increased youth and student work
  • Evangelism champions across the four community hubs
  • Sending 4 people annually on ChristCentral Churches School of Leadership
  • Training programs

Find out more:

Listen to Keith Gamon shares about Vision 2020 here.

If you would like to know more, please contact us or visit us on a Sunday morning.