Manchester Incident

We just wanted to contact you all regarding last nights terrible explosion.

If you know people affected or were directly affected yourselves then please let us know, and if there is anything we can do.

Even whilst details are still emerging, we can pray for the following:

1. People affected - comfort
2. Police - wisdom
3. Paramedics and doctors and nurses - strength
4. Perpetrators - justice and mercy 

Dave & Jo Atkinson are opening up their house in Salford tonight (23rd May) from 7.30pm for anyone who wants to join their community group for prayer.  Hannah and Kit Anthony are doing the same in South Manchester from 7.00pm.  Please contact us for their addresses if you need it.

In addition, I know Ivy Church have opened their doors for prayer today, and Audacious are opening for prayer at 7pm, we are all invited.

These are dark times but God is in charge, he will judge such atrocities and loves Manchester even more than we do.

Much Love,

Keith and the Eldership team