Why Vote?

I remember watching a movie called ‘All the Kings Men’ with Sean Penn playing the character of Willie Stark, who is running for state governor.  One of the lines he says is “If you don’t vote you don’t matter”!


I love that quote, because it makes you realise your vote counts, even if it’s not the person or party you voted for that wins. We can’t disagree with policies made or grumble about the state of our nation if we haven’t bothered to go to our local polling station and make a vote. If you vote, you’ve stated “This is what I think, this is what I believe, and this is what I want”. It is our God given right to vote in a Democratic nation, it is our responsibility to vote, it is our privilege to vote, and perhaps even more so for women.

In 1918 the Representation of the People Act was passed in England. Finally, after a long battle, imprisonment, torture and deaths, women were allowed to vote.  I admire that and I wonder if I would have fought so hard for this cause (most likely not I fear)!  However, because of these women I cannot be lazy in my thinking or my actions, therefore I go and vote and have done so ever since I could.  It’s a privilege to vote because it’s been fought for by so many.

As we are a democracy I feel it is vital we choose men and women who will do our country good and not bad.  Needless to say many nations suffer at the hands of dictators and corruption.  Thankfully we don’t and we should make use of that. We can affect the way the polls go by choosing the right woman or man, the right party, the right local MP.  If we don’t want our country run by autocrats, then go and vote.

I realise many people will gladly vote, but please don’t be lazy, busy or forgetful; it really is a privilege to vote.

Posted on April 8, 2015 and filed under Living in the world.