Why Go to Church?

I grew up in a Christian family and every Sunday we went to church, it was part of our lives, we rarely missed a Sunday unless we were unwell or away on holiday!  Now as an adult my family and I go to Church every Sunday unless someone is unwell or we are on holiday.  So why do I go to Church regularly and hold it key to my beliefs? Is it just attending a meeting or something more?

In the Bible it states that Jesus will return for His bride (the Church), and this does mean all churches and denominations that proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour (Eph 5:25-27).  Jesus wants the Church to be strongly established on earth; ready and waiting for Him.  The early church would have understood this idea of the church to be a gathered people, not individuals who all attend the same meeting once each week.  However, they would have taken it upon themselves to regularly gather together and probably a lot more than once each week!

Church is great for building friendships but it is more than that.  Individually having regular quiet times and seeking God is a fantastic privilege and is vital for a personal relationship with Jesus but it is not enough.  There’s something so exciting about worshipping and singing out loud together and being together to hear His word and what He wants us to learn: it isn’t the same as our quiet times, it’s something unique.  Meeting with others and with those who believe the same as you is precious and something we shouldn’t take for granted.

Church is the family of God.  Who doesn’t like getting together with family and dear friends?  Church is the expression of brotherly and sisterly love and it’s important to have family in God.  Therefore we meet on a Sunday together as a large family and then mid-week as part of the family.  It’s good.

I’m not saying you MUST go to Church every Sunday, however why not?  It should stem out of the heart of “I want to go to Church” and more biblically expressed, “I want to be with my family.”  It’s a privilege knowing Jesus and being a part of his family, and so why should we miss out! 

Posted on March 29, 2016 and filed under Living in the world.