Who’s that person you’re talking to?

Have you ever experienced one of those ‘God moments’ when, right out of the blue, you find God speaking to you in a powerful way?  Several years ago, I was sitting in a hotel restaurant in Los Angeles, where I was staying overnight before travelling on to a conference the next day.  I was enjoying a quiet evening meal when I overheard someone from the adjacent table recounting a story to his family about a recent trip to Wimbledon.

Making mistakes

“We queued up and managed to get court-side seats for a Serena Williams match.  We were so close to the players we could hear everything they said.  At one point during the match Serena was returning serve.  She played a bad shot, dumped the ball into the net and lost the point.  As she crossed over from one side of the court to the other she gave herself a pat on the behind, and we heard her say to herself ‘That’s OK, sweetie!’ ”

As he narrated those last few words everyone at the table erupted into laughter - but I sat there stunned!  I thought “What an amazing way to talk to yourself, I would never talk to myself like that”.  A few minutes later I noticed that the man had a Bible with him.  I don’t know whether he was a preacher but he had inadvertently preached a sermon to me.

This incident really set me thinking about how I would really get cross with myself when I made silly mistakes, and say things to myself that were destructive and demeaning.  I realised that God was telling me that I needed to change.  I didn’t have long to wait before I had to put this into practice as the next day I took a wrong turning out of the hotel, and a short walk to Hertz Car Rental took an hour longer than it should have done!

Here are some things to consider:

  • Because God accepts me as I am, I can accept myself…
  • Because God forgives me completely, I can forgive myself…
  • Because God deeply loves me, I can love myself…

When you talk to yourself you must realise that you are speaking to a person who is treasured and infinitely precious to Him; you’re talking to the Father’s special child. So be careful what you say! Make sure you say encouraging and positive things!

Posted on March 24, 2016 and filed under Personal stories.