Who am I?

My identity is important. Name, DOB, gender, marital status, ethnicity, passport number, any illness or medical issues present or in family history, these are some of the questions we have to know the answers to when filling in virtually any form nowadays, a trip to the dentist, a new passport, a birth certificate for a newborn, a job. The list goes on.


However, who am I really? Am I really identified by my name (I have such an awkward surname-I hope not!), by my marital status or by my gender?

In short, of course not! However, this hasn’t occurred to me overnight, but over many years of growing up and developing in my walk with God. Who I am really depends on who I am in Jesus? What Jesus did on the cross and through his resurrection gives me a brand new identity that really makes me proud. I am adopted into Gods family, I am his child forever. My hope cannot be built on who I am on earth and what I’ve achieved in the years I abide on this planet, because it’ll all come to an end. My hope is built on Jesus and what He has done for me, past death and into eternity.

Saying that though, it is so easy to think who I am is literally all that makes me. I regularly pray for my children to not put their security in their looks, clothes, bodies, hairstyles, how well they do at school – the list can go on -  instead that they would put their security, their identity in Jesus ourgenuine hope and rock for all time.

I admit I love being a wife and a mum, but it doesn’t fully reflect who I am at all. I can so easily make my family an idol, but I shouldn’t. My only “lifted above everything else” should be God. As the song says “My Hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness”. That is who I am and that is where my hope should be – in Jesus, not a faltering me.

Posted on May 23, 2016 and filed under Living in the world.