What is a Christian woman?

When I first became a Christian I had a template in my head of what a Christian woman looked like.  She was meek, mild, loved baking, smily, confident and joyful.

These are all great characteristics but I didn’t fit that mould - trust me you don’t want to try my baking!  I felt incredibly confused - what was a Christian woman and how do I be one?

In a world that promotes sex appeal and talks of freedom for women in terms of independence and a ‘you can have it all attitude’ I felt that both the world and the Christian culture I had entered provided unattainable goals for me as a woman. This ultimately left me feeling inadequate and imperfect.


It was in this realisation that God spoke to me about how it was my uniqueness at the centre of my identity as a woman.  In there was my rock and my salvation, Jesus, who took my imperfections and in my weakness made me strong.  It was this that brought me freedom, defined my value and made me beautiful.  What He spoke to me so clearly about was that what I see as my imperfections and inadequacies are my uniqueness and that His mould was not definable; He had created me, knitting me in my mothers womb, fearfully and wonderfully he brought me into this world with desires, skills, and personality to achieve this.

I turned to the example of the woman of Proverbs 31 a mother, a wife, a member of society, an entrepreneur, a business woman and all round rock star.  She held confidence, she understood the world, she loved people and she was passionate.  In this woman is not a list of what I should be but an example of the flavour and type of woman I can be.  I won’t necessarily fulfil all of her names but I will celebrate the uniqueness that all woman have and explore who she represents.  Why?  Because I have a purpose to be all that God has created me to be and to make my own mould, with Him.

Posted on May 13, 2015 and filed under Personal stories.