Unshakable Faith

Twenty years ago this summer my journey with God was to take an unexpected but heavenly detour...and my Christian experience would never be the same again.

It was 1994 – the year of what the British press dubbed ‘The Toronto Blessing’ – a worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit that flowed from a little church at the end of Toronto airport runway. I was going through what I now call my ‘desert years’ – an extremely dry period spiritually that lasted for twelve long years. I remember saying that it would take dynamite to get me out of the rut I was in. Little did I know that God was about to send me just that – His ‘dunamis’ (dynamite) power of the Holy Spirit that Mark Whittington spoke of recently!

I do believe the Holy Spirit had already moved in me as a young person. In fact, on the train whilst returning from my interview at Manchester University I felt the Holy Spirit with me, confirming to me that it was definitely God’s will that I was going to be coming up to Manchester. Although I never actually completed my degree course, I now believe that this experience was pointing forward to what was to occur some seventeen years later!

I have never been to Toronto – in fact my initial experiences of what was really the Father’s Blessing were through my hubby praying for me at home after being touched himself at a midweek meeting. The first time this happened I felt waves of the most beautiful electricity go through me, getting stronger and stronger until I fell to the floor. It was the first time I had ever felt God and I was changed in an instant. I got up and leapt about the house for joy!

A few days later, following a bad experience with a driving instructor my husband Paul prayed for me again and I felt God’s enveloping presence for quite some time. In bed that night I could still feel the Holy Spirit on Paul’s breath as it was on Jesus’ breath in John 20:22, and went off to sleep with this incredible ‘love’ being breathed over me.

On another occasion, whilst being prayed for at church I felt something being gently drilled away in a part of my heart. When this was complete it was as if something lifted off me and I felt myself being straightened up and walking tall.

Throughout these experiences I had an overwhelming feeling of being deeply loved, and a warm glow on the inside continuously for about three months!

Although a few things are still a puzzle, my faith has been unshakable since this time- no longer being based on the Bible alone but on experience also.  Praise God for His wonderful blessing - His glorious foretaste of all that awaits us in heaven!