The Theory of Everything?

“What if I reversed time, to see what happened at the beginning of time itself?”

An Oscar-winning performance by actor Eddie Redmayne recently brought world-wide attention to the theories of modern Physics.  Put briefly, there is strong scientific evidence that the Universe started with a ‘Big Bang’ over 13 billion years ago.  But does this really provide a theory of everything as the title of the film claims?

Science and Christianity

As both a scientist and a Christian I am saddened that many people believe that science has done away with the need to believe in God.  This belief is based on a misunderstanding of both Christianity and science.  One key point is that science only provides explanations concerning the physical nature of the world in which we live.  Science can tell us how the Universe began but it can’t address deeper questions like “Why did it begin?” and “What was its purpose?”.  The Bible provides answers on this deeper level.  For example, it tells us “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.  Science tells us the process by which things took place (a Big Bang), the Bible is much more concerned with the “Who?” and “Why?”.  Science cannot provide a complete explanation to everything, we need God to reveal the reasons behind it all.  This he has done through the scriptures, and supremely through the person of Jesus Christ. We discover that we are not just some vague accident of evolution living in a pointless Universe; rather we were made to be the deeply-loved children of God.  So I personally find there is no conflict between science and faith, instead they both work together to provide a true “Theory of Everything”.

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