The Lost Son

Lost Son Fairground

Feelings of panic swept over me – my son was lost! My heart sank. Thoughts of dread flooded my mind, like: “What if someone has taken him?” and “What will my wife say if we go home without him?”

I had taken my three-year-old son and his two elder sisters to a children’s theme park for the afternoon, and while the girls and I stopped to watch some geese, Daniel must have kept on walking.

Now he was nowhere to be seen.

We looked around frantically, calling his name. Finally, we found a member of the theme park staff and reported him missing.

“Don’t worry” he said, “we haven’t lost a child yet!”

I was not feeling particularly reassured by this comment, but several minutes later he received the message over his walkie-talkie that a little boy had been found a few hundred yards further along the path. What joy! What relief! And then, there he was, hand-in-hand with a female staff member, walking towards me.  I ran to him, picked him up in my arms, and couldn’t stop kissing him!

In Luke Chapter 15, Jesus told a story about a lost son. In his story, the son wandered far away from his father through rebellion and disobedience, and ended up hungry and in rags. When he finally decided to make the long trip back home, he thought maybe, just maybe, his father would take him back as a servant. Yet when his father saw him coming, he ran to him, threw his arms around him, and showered him with kisses! He received him back as his beloved son.

Have you walked away from God? Have you done things that make you feel that he must be angry with you? No matter how far away you have wandered, the Father is longing to welcome you back home. Come back to Him and you’ll find Him ready to forgive, ready to restore you, and ready to shower you with His love!

Posted on August 11, 2014 and filed under Personal stories.