Prove your worth

We live with assessment, we are born into it.  From day one, what is the baby’s weight?  How is their speech, ability to walk and their early educational progress?

As we get older, we really hit assessment, educationally, socially, relationally, not to mention our sporting ability.  By the time we hit our teens we are constantly examined, measured and more significantly we are measuring ourselves against others and against our own aspirations and expectations for our lives.  


This can be an exhausting process which some of us may never fully recover from.  Will I ever be good enough, will I ever prove my worth?  Will my peers ever accept me, or my family or my spouse or my friends?  Will I ever be satisfied with my achievements?
The quest for approval, self-worth and “success” is a dangerous journey that we are not warned about enough.

This Sunday’s talk on Philippians 3 addresses this very issue - Paul’s conclusion to all the questions above is this:

Compared to knowing Jesus you can throw all those questions (and more importantly the answers!) in the rubbish.   However great the answers to the above questions might be - compared to knowing Jesus - it’s all dung (or backstreet greek to that effect!)

Jesus said “my yoke is easy and my burden is light” - Paul very much agrees, the aim is not to produce a church full of insecure failures but secure action takers.  People not trying to relentlessly prove themselves and falling short, but people driven from a reliance on Jesus who is the one we ultimately want to live for. 

Posted on November 15, 2016 and filed under Living in the world.