Open Mic

Music is something I don’t think anyone can dislike, particularly live music. In this respect and many more, the open mic night at the end of September was a fantastic event.  With incredible live performances by many talented musicians from all over Manchester, catering to musical genres from acoustic to pop and Jazz to Beatboxing – there really was something for everyone!  There was a real buzz about the place as the 50ish people watched countless breath-taking performances. From first time performers to professional musicians, there was a brilliant mix of encouraging fresh new talent and watching seasoned performers hone their craft. As I sat there listening to the music, I couldn’t help but smile; the performances were great yes, but there was something else. The atmosphere – it just felt right. Whether it was the comfy coffee shop seating, the free coffee, the chilled out music, or all of the above I’m not sure. But whatever it was, all I could think was “this is what church is about, isn’t it?”

Open Mic

Now I’m not saying that I think we should invest in a Starbucks franchise anytime soon, I mean the community.  Getting together with others, inviting people in and sharing where we can with those around us – that is what it’s about.  There’s something about music that brings people together and I think it’s an incredibly powerful tool. So because of this and due to popular demand, we’re hosting another open mic night!

open mic 2

However, obviously any open mic night only works when there are performers, so if you want to get involved and play/sing/perform in some other way, then we’d love you to! Contact us, or just turn up on the night!

Another thing that any good night like this needs is an audience to enjoy it, so if you don’t fancy performing, then we’d love to see you also!  It’s free entry, free coffee and I promise you, there isn’t a catch!

We look forward to seeing you there:

Wednesday (18th November) at 7pm, @ Starbucks on Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield (Facebook event here)

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