Open Doors and Salvation Stories

We’ve just had our Vision Sundays in recent weeks.  It feels like this process has been helpful in a couple of ways. It has meant the leadership team has sought God in a concentrated way, discovered His heart and also realised with more clarity what He has already put on our hearts for this church which we love and serve.

Vision casting has such a business and commercial feel to it that I naturally shy away from using the term.  However, Jesus cast vision all the time.  A people that would love each other, a church that the gates of Hell could not stop, a world that will never fully accept His people and an end of all things that He would be the central figure in. Jesus lived and preached a Vision for the future that has inspired millions to live and potentially die for Him.

open doors

Bill Hybels says that “a vision is a picture of the future that inspires passion.”  We attempted to do this over the last few Sundays.  We said we want a church that is always seeking intimacy with Jesus, going for new salvation stories and being an open door in 4 main areas: to the marginalised, to the nations, to new initiatives and to anybody and everybody!  This last one was not just a “catch all” but an encouragement to be individually and corporately open and welcoming.  It was an anti “holy huddle” and an anti “Christian Ghetto” call.

So will this Vision succeed?  I believe so – mainly because these are God’s ideas from His bible that we’ve felt apply to us in specific ways for our next 5 years as a church.  Will we hit the targets we’ve set?  Who knows, but let’s aim for the sky and not just the ceiling.  As with Jonathan and His armour bearer, having a go at the Philistine outpost, let us have a go, we believe God is with us!

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