Love is not rude, love does not dishonour others

Rudeness = lack of manners; discourteousness
Dishonour = fail to observe or respect.

When I wait to let someone pass I do like to be thanked and I find it infuriating when people don’t. I think “How rude”! How about when I don’t say thank you? This happened to me a few years ago. I’d picked up my kids from school and we were walking home. One of them was chatting away to me and I was listening hard. I realised, as I heard a woman shout angrily “Don’t worry about saying thank you” that I’d walked right past her without a word of thanks, as she waited at the gate for me to get through. I was flabbergasted and mortified. God gently said to me “Don’t assume people are being rude when they don’t say thank you to you, you have no idea what’s going on in their lives in that moment in time.”

Love is not rude

Love isn’t rude, it does say thank you and it respects other people…any person. How I wanted to shout back at that woman and say “I usually always say thanks” or “Oi”. You’ll be pleased to hear I didn’t start a cat fight, but went home convicted and challenged. You see we might try hard not to be rude and say our please and thank you’s, but what about when others are rude to us, how do we respond? If love isn’t rude, we don’t need to retaliate with rudeness.

Jesus was never rude on earth, even with the nasty, hypocritical and out to get him, Pharisees. He replied with gentleness, but harsh truth. Jesus isn’t rude with each one of us. If we forget to pray to him for a while, disobey him or blatantly ignore him, He doesn’t shout horribly in our ears or react with anger. Instead He gently whispers in our ears, till we respond and then he just welcomes us with open loving arms.

This isn’t ‘don’t react with rudeness to rudeness’, also don’t be rude. Have good manners and be courteous and considerate of others. It’s amazing when you say thank you to someone, who everyone has ignored, how genuinely touched and appreciated they will feel. Just remember when people don’t say thanks to you, that you have no idea why they’re not being polite. 

Posted on June 22, 2016 .