Love Always Trusts

I absolutely love the film “The Princess Bride” and as a teenager my siblings and I would watch this film quite regularly, laughing and much caught up in the romance of it all. One of my favourite lines from the film (and I suggest if you haven’t see it, please do) is when the dashing Wesley has come for his Princess Buttercup and they’re on the run, about to enter the ‘death swamp’. Princess Buttercup in panic says “We will never survive the death swamp” to which Wesley sweetly replies “Nonsense, you’re only saying that because no one ever has”! Needless to say they survive the death swamp!

Ultimately Princess Buttercup could put her life into Wesley’s hands and know she’d be alright. Trust! Love always trusts means we can put our lives in God’s faithful, capable hands and trust in Him every day of our lives. Loves always trust means we can be trustworthy and others can trust and rely on us.

When my children were babies, they trusted me as their mum implicitly, firstly they didn’t have a choice, but also because I was, of course, loving and nurturing them. The same can be said of our heavenly Father. We can trust him completely because he is loving us without fail and looking after our very needs. From the minute to the big he cares for us. In 1 Peter 5:7 it says “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you”. God does care for us and we can trust him.

Love always trusts, isn’t just about us trusting our loving God though, it’s about us being loving in what we do for others and letting them trust us. If we are called to be a loving people and loving one another we should be able to trust others and be trusted. Am I trustworthy in all the roles I play in life? Do people find me reliable? Is my word as good as a promise? It can be in all sorts of area that we display our trustworthiness: work, family, home, church. We need to love others and in that comes the need to be trusted.

Ultimately we can trust God implicitly with our lives, though that is a daily “working out” process. We can trust God because he is indefinitely reliable and trustworthy. We sometimes say to God “We won’t survive”, but with Him leading and guiding us we can. In our relationships with colleagues, friends, family do we love so that they trust us and know we are dependable?

Posted on November 23, 2016 and filed under Living in the world.