It's looking a lot like Christmas

Christmas is one of those delightful, heart-warming festivals that we in England really go full throttle for. The shops are decked with decorations and their aisles are full of seasonal goodies just after 31st October. It’s truly wonderful and I do enjoy it, though I find it mildly frustrating that most of the cards, music, food we eat, decorations aren’t much to do with the real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Gifts

While it is amazing that we celebrate Christmas 2000 years after it happened, have we lost the real true meaning of Christmas?

Christmas literally means “The celebration of Christ”. It’s partying about the fact that God sent His only son, Jesus, as a baby to become a man, but be absolutely faultless and pure so he could endure the agonising pain and death on a cross for all mankind. True love was shown for the human race when Jesus was born and that is what and why we are celebrating.

 Yes of course it’s incredible fun giving and receiving gifts, eating delicious food, being with our loved ones, laughing raucously together, it’s one of those days when everyone will be jolly and get on together. I get to facetime family across the world and we all laugh and shout “Thanks for my present and I love you” to each other. It’s such a wonderful, magical day. I do love it!

However, all through that day I know that it’s about my saviour being born to save me, to give me life forever. Really I celebrate Christmas every day, just not to the extent as on the 25th of December!

Many years ago I was challenged to give out cards with the true meaning of Christmas on them, and though I'm not writing this to challenge you to do that (though feel free to do so), rather I invite you to explore the real meaning of Christmas and discover for yourself why celebrating Christ is such fun.

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Posted on December 10, 2015 and filed under In the news.