Identity Check

Passport queues! Not my favourite part of going on holiday.  My wife and I recently travelled to Cyprus for a week’s break, and our passports were checked on at least eight occasions.  Why was this all necessary?  Well, to check our identities: to establish we really are the people named on the passport.  That’s all fine, but who is that person behind the name, who is the real me? When you look in the mirror, what do you think about the person you see?  Does what you see make you feel happy or sad?

One day I was reading  that we are “accepted in the Beloved” (Ephesians 1 vs 6, KJV).  What a marvellous name that is for Jesus: “The Beloved”, the One on whom the Father has set his love!  Then I had a sudden realisation – could it be that I was also beloved, in fact that I was beloved in the Beloved? Could it be true that I was accepted and deeply loved just because of my relationship with Jesus?  Was it really the case that I didn’t have to do anything, achieve anything, or become anything; that I was already beloved in the Beloved?  I was lost in the wonder of it all for several minutes. Such a weight was lifted from my shoulders.  I realised that the only thing I needed to do was to “…lean on my Beloved” (Song of Songs 8 vs 5) and let Him lead me.

So next time you stand in front of the mirror, instead of feeling low about yourself, why not have an identity check and tell yourself “I am deeply loved and infinitely precious, I am beloved in the Beloved!”