Children and Church

Probably the most famous story about Jesus and children in the Bible is the one where the disciples tell some kids off for disturbing Jesus, and then Jesus tells off the disciples for telling them off.

"Jesus loves the little children" we respond. Then we bring our children to church because Jesus loves them. The problem is sometimes we miss the other important part of the passage.

The people closest to Jesus are the ones who get in the way of the children.

Frightening. This is the group who should have known Jesus heart inside and out but yet let their culture dictate what should be done.

How do we approach it? I think there are three simple things we can get from the passage.

Look to the children. They were trying to get to Jesus of their own volition and since the Bible doesn't say how, I’d suggest that means that there isn't a set way. We should probably be aware of what route they are trying to take and encourage it. We should certainly be asking others to help us spot where they are moving.

Look at Jesus. He was ready for them, as he's always ready for us regardless of what else had been happening that day. He doesn't need us to protect Him, His majesty or His reverence. He was the only one with the correct response to the children so we should also listen to what he has to tell us.

Look to ourselves. Are we really doing our best to facilitate our kids to get to Jesus? Or are we actually stood in the way?

My hope is that I don't become a block in the way of the children of our church. I want to be a good way to him for them whatever I do.

Posted on April 1, 2015 and filed under Thoughts.