Chapter and Verse

Christians have got a bad rep when it comes to quoting the bible. We all know the trope of vicars on TV shows where they answer a question with a pithy bible quote. sometimes it's for dramatic effect but more often it's either for comic relief or is used as shorthand for showing how out of touch with modern society the pious man is. It's not a thing that's confined to popular media either. Every reader can probably remember a time when they looked to a friend for comfort and got well-meaning chapter and verse in return. I'm certainly guilty of doing it to my friends. I'm thankful they are so forgiving.

Here is the thing though.  Sharing bible quotes with friends can be a highly rewarding activity. God hasn't designed us to be in an us versus the world relationship with him.  We're called to be a community and work as a body together, each having a role and responsibility. Part of that is taking the word and applying it to our lives.  As each part of the body may have different responses to the same stimulus and different people will respond to the word in different ways as well.  If we find something good then we should share it.  It might not be as important to the other party but at the very least it brings a common ground and an understanding.  And at it's very best it can cause inspiration to soar, revealing a truth in a new light and dismantling over-familiarly to a well-worn passage.

My great friend and I email each other nearly every week about things we want each other to pray for and out of it have come many verses that have had encouragement and power for us and a staying power beyond what it would have had if we had merely read it to ourselves.  Be confident in your meeting groups, listen to one another. Read and share.

Posted on February 10, 2015 and filed under Thoughts.