And What Do You Do?

Dear Graduates,


I know what it's like to be in the period where you have finished uni and don't have a proper job yet, to tell people you've just graduated when it's been almost 2 years, to re live the glory days by attempting to use your student discount still, and to begrudge other students because you wish you were still one. If you've graduated and you don't do any of this stuff, good for you, but the reality is 47% of graduates are working in jobs which do not require a degree (Guardian).

So how does that relate, what am I meant to do? Well God is quite clear about the plans he has for us, they are to prosper us and to not harm. Often times people judge you for what you do as if that determines who you are- walk through it with me: when you meet someone new what's the first thing you ask?

Me: Hi, my name is Hannah.

David: Hi Hannah, and what do you do?

Me: I work in a call centre selling clothes to people that don't know they want them yet.

(Silence. For a while. Doesn't know how to respond. I sense the awkwardness and chirp in.)

Me: And what do you do David?

David: I'm a doctor.

(I try and find mutual ground lest the awkwardness ensues.)

Me: A GP, wow, sometimes I feel like a doctor trying to help my customers with clothes they need, like a fashion diagnosis.

(Silence again, he doesn't see the mutuality.)


It's interesting that people define who they are by what they do, but as Christians we know God tells us that it's the other way round that who we are defines what we do, that ultimately we have been called to a greater purpose and that everything we go through is in order to shape our identity to fulfil our purpose.

So if you ever feel that you haven't made it or you're not where you want to be, remember before you were in your mother's womb God knew you, he saw your potential, and each day as you grow and mature into the person He called you to be, you are being refined and getting closer to the very thing he created you for.

Yours faithfully,


Posted on April 15, 2015 and filed under Living in the world.