Why a New Sunday Evening Service?

Question: What do healthy churches do?

This isn’t the start of a joke or a trick question!

Starting this September we are launching our evening service. Not because we are trendy (or trying to be) and going for a cool alternative service, not because we think other churches in Manchester aren’t doing the job properly and definitely not because we think the way we do church is the only way or the only right way that church can be done.

No, the reasons we are going for another service are:

  1. Because we feel God has led us to reach out to a new demographic, and into a new area of Manchester
  2. Because as a church we’re called to step out in faith and expand rather than sticking at what we’ve always done.
  3. Because there is much to do and the big plan God has for us is still unfolding.

On this last point, the thing that excites me most about starting this new adventure is not only because its new, not only because we get to share the gospel to even more people, not only because there are many people unaware of how radical the gospel is – the thing that excites me most, is that God’s story is still unfolding, and even little steps towards expansion - like our evening service - are just part of His huge plan to bring unity to the human race under the Kingship of Jesus (Ephesians 1 v 10).

Simple really…

So to answer the question above – what healthy churches do is they grow, multiply and expand.  They step out in faith and follow what God has planned for them.

 So why not join us at our next evening meeting and be a part of it?

 [For more information on our Sunday Evening Meeting please click here]