Set Your Watch, Set Your Heart

When travelling across time zones, I tend to set my watch to the time at my destination when at the departure airport.  For example, when recently flying to Boston USA, I arrived at Manchester UK airport at 11am; so, before getting my coffee, I set my watch back to 6am (the time it was in Boston).  My mid-morning coffee thus became my very early morning coffee and my day was re-set to my destination.   I do this for very practical reasons.  On arrival, it takes me a lot less time to acclimatise and I struggle a lot less with 'jet lag'.


Colossians tells us to 'Set our hearts on things above'.  We are to live as if we have already arrived at our eternal destination.  Now, of course, we are still living out our lives here on earth, but our perspective is different and that changes our actions. When choosing my meal on the aeroplane, I go for the one that most resembles lunch rather than an evening meal because I'll get that when I arrive!  Some choices we make here on earth, should be decided with an eye to the eternal kingdom rather than our temporary residence. I am a citizen of heaven, residing temporarily here on this earth.  The way I live my life should resemble this, even if it means that at times 'my watch' is out of kilter with other people's.  Sometimes my actions and the way I live my life may be difficult for those around me to understand, not because I'm trying to be different or awkward; but because I'm living to a different time zone.  By setting my heart I am setting my intention.

Lord, help me to each day set my heart on those things which are above, those things which please your heart.

Posted on January 6, 2014 and filed under Living in the world.