A transformed life

I have been through a turbulent time these last few years having lost my job, home and after several years of suffering with clinical depression I was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder.

I can say that I felt lost, helpless and very alone. I was feeling like I was a leaf blowing in the wind, not having a place to rest or belonging anywhere.  My debts were becoming out of control and I contacted Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to see if they could help me.

After the meeting with CAP I felt that I had support, at the end of the meeting we had a brief prayer asking for Gods' help with my health (I hadn’t been sleeping or eating) and help with my financial situation.

A period of 6 months passed and with a lot of hard work I had become debt free which made me feel amazing, but not as good as I feel now that I have found Jesus and can proudly call myself a Christian.

I am still early on my journey, however with help from a very good friend and with the support of God behind me, my life is getting better. I now look back on that period of my life knowing what was missing in my life and the future has never looked brighter.

 [Originally published May 2013]