Love Never Fails

Growing up in India meant a lot of Christmases were spent in rather delightful hot weather. An added bonus was that from the age of 10- 19 Christmas was in Goa! So you can imagine the golden beaches my brother, sister and I used to hit together. I have many fond memories of swimming in the sea, riding the waves, chatting away, building sand castles with moats around it and burying my brother up to his neck in sand. Some of these memories are from Christmas day and after our excursions to the beach we’d go home to delicious roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings. 

Now my brother lives...

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Love Always Trusts

I absolutely love the film “The Princess Bride” and as a teenager my siblings and I would watch this film quite regularly, laughing and much caught up in the romance of it all. One of my favourite lines from the film (and I suggest if you haven’t see it, please do) is when the dashing Wesley has come for his Princess Buttercup and they’re on the run, about to enter the ‘death swamp’. Princess Buttercup in panic says “We will never survive the death swamp” to which Wesley sweetly replies “Nonsense, you’re only saying that because no one ever has”! ...

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Prove your worth

We live with assessment, we are born into it.  From day one, what is the baby’s weight?  How is their speech, ability to walk and their early educational progress?

As we get older, we really hit assessment, educationally, socially, relationally, not to mention our sporting ability.  By the time we hit our teens we are constantly examined, measured and more significantly we are measuring ourselves against others and against our own aspirations and expectations for our lives...

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Love Always Hopes

We all hope for things in life and love it when good things happen to us, which is natural. However, life doesn’t always work out the exact way we planned it. In Proverbs 13:12 it states “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” When things don’t go our way or what we’ve hoped and longed for doesn’t happen; the disappointment can rot our lives and make us sick, emotionally and spiritually...

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The EU Referendum

To misquote the well known maxim, “There are lies, damned lies, and things politicians will say to get you to vote one way or another in the Brexit referendum.”

If you believe the headlines, voting to leave will lead to the price of our holidays rising, widespread economic catastrophes, and ultimately, war...

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Who am I?

My identity is important. Name, DOB, gender, marital status, ethnicity, passport number, any illness or medical issues present or in family history, these are some of the questions we have to know the answers to when filling in virtually any form nowadays, a trip to the dentist, a new passport, a birth certificate for a newborn, a job. The list goes on.

However, who am I really? Am I...

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